Monday, April 11, 2011

Okay, I'll Keep Him....

All my fears were for naught.  G, the unforgiving type, completely forgave me my moment of insanity and we have been enjoying the spring like temperatures.  Oh heck, just not having snow on the ground is exciting and new!! We hit the trail a week ago Sunday with Ozzy, who was sooo excited to back at the barn, never mind out on the trail with his buddy G.  Since this was the first trip out, we only did the small wooded trail out back that leads to a large crop field.  I think we stayed out all of 35 minutes, but every minute of it was wonderful.  Here's a little video between G's ears.

This past Saturday, we got together with Jane and her mare Sierra and did the same trail but kept on going along the crop fields for an additional 30 minutes.  We still haven't found the end of them, and I'm betting we can travel another 6 miles before finding a road to cross (well, that's my guess).  G and Sierra are really good together.  G loves her calming influence, and since he stays cool, so does she.  Normally when we turn for home G gets more than a bit anxious, but Saturday he was happy to just move along at a nice forward walk without any stress whatsoever.  It was a perfect ride in my book, and one that again reminds me of the bond that we do have, and makes me reflect on how empty my fears of losing him were.  We are good together.  He brings out the best in me (eventually).  He keeps me honest with myself and makes me strive to make our relationship that much tighter.  I know I'll never be the perfect rider, nor will G ever be the perfect horse, and that's why we were made for one another....we will just strive to be the best that we can be. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

In Time of Need, A Quote From a Friend

"Never let it be far from your heart that he lives in a world made by us not by them and sometimes their pressure builds and needs to be released just as ours does at time. He needs you and these are the times to dig deep in our selves and find that inner strength to help him , just as they do for us when we need release as well. Grow from it and let it all take you to the mature wisdom in self growth and the next level you need to look to in you advancement of horsewomenship. You can do it, you are strong and I believe in you, so believe in your self!

Sometimes, it takes someone with more wisdom, abundant horse knowledge and horse heart,  to give you a little help you see the forest through the trees.  I consider myself a very fortunate person to have such a friend and mentor in Liz.  

But I would be remiss in not mentioning all the other wonderful horse friends that me & G have acquired over the past 8+ years.  Your kind words of encouragement were heart felt, and I thank all of you for taking the time to share your thoughts and stories.

I spent last Sunday just hanging out with G.  Rather than letting him have his lunch hay with the herd, I set him up in his outdoor stall run, and while he happily munched on his hay, I gave him a thorough grooming.  We had a nice long chat.  Well I chatted, he listened - or least I think he listened. I apologized for failing him; and that I would try harder if we have to deal with the dreaded dog again.  Then I stopped chatting and just sat on the groom tote and watched him eat.  Every once in awhile he'd stop and do the camel lip thing on my knee.  Not sure if he was checking out the jeans or simply scratching and itch, lol.  All the reasons I fell in love with him in the first place came flooding back to me.  His beauty, his heart, the sounds he makes as he eats.  After he was done eating I took him out to the arena and let him loose.  He trotted, cantered, and when he got to the corner where the kids popped out it was like the devil was after him.  He galloped across the arena, screeched to a halt at the gate ( a sliding stop a reiner would've envied) raised that head as far as it could reach and snorted like crazy.  When I asked him to move out again, he was a little crazed, but I kept asking him to slow and walk, and within about 5 minutes he finally did.  After he circled me in both directions a few times I asked him to hoa, and then gave him the signal to follow me.  We then walked around the arena for about 10-15 minutes.  

He shadows me like a heeling dog.  I stop, he stops, I turn, he turns, I back up so does he.  Again the flood of wonderful memories of why we are together rush over me.  I stopped, he stopped and I just hugged his neck.  He doesn't quite understand it when I get emotional, but he puts up with me.  I cried a little, then had another heart to heart as I gave G a mini massage and had another chat.  The best therapist on the planet; the other reason why I love him so.  Tomorrow hubby heads to New York for his buddie's last lost weekend (getting married in July).  I'm going to head to the barn and spend some quality time with G.  It's supposed to be in the 50's so maybe we'll get a small ride in, maybe not.  Just spending time with him is a good time.  

When I come home I've got some beautiful new papers and accessories from the scrapbook store Thursday, so I'm going to create!  It's going to be another wonderful indulgent day!! 
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And lest I forget..... 

      A rider needs to recognize the horses' need for self-preservation in Mind, Body and third factor, Spirit...he needs to realize how the persons approach can assure the horse he can have his self-preservation and still respond to what the person is asking him to do. ~ Tom Dorrance