Thursday, August 6, 2009

On The Road Again....

Finally a new truck and of course I've already booked a clinic! Me & G will be working with Mark Rashid for two days in October. I am so psyched as he is my numero uno horse trainer. I just love his philosophies and his ability to read horses. I am extremely curious as to what his take on "G" will be.
Now to get G back into "trailer loading" mode. Hoping to take a short couple of trips to some dry trails soon. The trails out behind the barn are just a muddy wet mess. The river is actually higher than it was this spring after the snow melt from Northern New England. We can only hope for a beautiful picture postcard perfect fall! That's what has been my saving grace this summer as we really miss trail riding. Our last real trail ride was late April. Our last trip out we could only circumnavigate about an hours worth of trails. Okay no more whining from me.