Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is it Spring Yet?

I used to love snow as there is something so pristine and peaceful about new fallen deep snow.  The world gets quiet, sounds are muffled.  Wildlife is easy to spot and follow as you snow shoe through the woods.  

Okay that was then, this is now!  I hate snow, I'm tired of snow, I wouldn't mind if I don't see it for the next two winters!  We stopped counting the inches we've had so much.  I think last count was 85" this season and the all time record is 115" so it is feasible that we could see that again.  UGH!!  

We haven't seen the ground since mid December.  It was so nice in the beginning as we could ride the trails and enjoy the beauty and peacefullness.  Then we got an ice storm that put a crust of ice on 2' of snow.  Needless to say that was the end of trail riding for us.  I'm guessing that we still have 3-4' of snow on the ground.  Much too much to ask a horse to ride through.  Heck, they're all having enough problems out in their pastures.  Each pasture has single trails that meander not more than 1/3 of the way into them lol.  They certainly aren't getting much exercise out there these days.  

The last storm dumped another foot of heavy snow which has demolished its share of roofs and buildings throughout the state.  Today another horse barn roof collapsed, this time horses were inside and were killed.  It's devestating to hear about.  Folks all over are buying roof rakes and getting up on their roofs to shovel.  I'm betting there have been some slips and major injuries doing this, as its not the safest thing to do when a roof is dry. 

Our indoor arena has been closed since last Friday due to the inability to remove all of the snow from the top.  It's one of the clearspan types with the heavy fabric roofs.  It took a few days just to move trailers and get the snow removed from around the arena so they could drive the boom truck around it and use the roof rake.  Unfortunately with the weather and cold they've only been able to do a little each day. 

I did get to ride G up and down the driveway last Sunday as it was near 40 degrees and the snow/ice was loose enough to not worry about slipping.  I so can't wait until we can ride again.  I know G would love to kick up those heels so I'm thinking he will have the opportunity to free lunge before I mount up lol....I'm not sure I'm ready for all the energy he's been storing up!  

Is it spring yet?  whine whine whine