Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Winding Down

Although 2011 started with too much snow and not enough riding; it is coming to a close with no snow, 40 degree temps and plenty of riding (so far).  My hopes are that 2012 won't be a repeat of last year and we won't have as much snow as we did.  Afterall, we've had over 69" of rain in 2011, the highest amount recorded since they started recording back in 1905.  Enough moisture!  If I remember right it was at least 3 months of no riding with the indoor arena roof tearing.  It was a long winter. 

After 20 years with the same company, I finally decided it was time for a new beginning and went to work for the very same Aerospace company where my dad worked for 25 years.  I ended up in the same division, helicopters.  Although there is no one left there that worked with my dad, there were some old timers from other divisions that remembered some of the names that I remembered from my childhood.  It's like deja vu walking some of the same halls that my dad walked; seeing helicopters that he helped design.  It's life coming full circle.  I'm totally enjoying the new company and the people I'm working with.

I finally got to audit a Mark Russell clinic, did numerous solo off the farm trail rides, but the highlight of the year was being chosen to ride at Equine Affaire in all three of Liz Grave's clinics.  G was wonderful and he proved to me that he is indeed a super star.  At least he will always be that in my heart.  Sharing our success with Liz and enjoying her company along with the others who participated in her clinics was simply joyful.  Its a weekend that I will never forget.  

We lost our fourteen year old Pomeranian Buster in mid October, which broke my heart.  He was the biggest dog I've ever met, even if he only weighed 5 pounds.  He was a tough little guy, but with that sweet face of his, he melted your heart.  Buster will always be in my heart.

I was very proud of my weight loss but somehow got sidelined in late October when we got hammered with a freak snow storm on 10/29 that left us without power for 8 days.  I've been eating wildly ever sense.  So 2012 will take me back to Weight Watchers and me paying closer attention to what I'm eating.  I'm hoping to begin weaning myself off of red meat completely in 2012 and eventually all meat.  I'm not sure its something I can do, but its a goal I would like to reach toward.  If it means I'm eating more veggies & fruits and eating better overall, that in itself will be a great thing.  

After 37 years without a real haircut, hubby had his ponytail cut off in celebration of his 50th birthday.  But he took it a step further and had his head shaved completely.  I think he looks awesome without hair, and he donated the ponytail to Wigs for Kids.  I think he's a sexy guy.
It only took us 4 months, but we completely gutted and renovated our main floor bathroom (Circa 1953).  It was hard work, and there were times I didn't think we'd get it done but when it was finished all the blood sweat and tears were worth it.  On to the next project!

Tonight we're going to First Night 2012 in Hartford.  We started going back in 1998 and the last year we went was 2002...we thought it was time to go back and celebrate a little (plus its supposed to be 40 degrees, woohoo).   2011 was overall a very good year for us.  I'm hoping that 2012 will be as kind; bring us all more peace & harmony; and all our heart's desires.

Happy New Year Everyone!!