Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Special Moments

He breathes softly
I listen
He licks his lips
anticipating that which he knows I have
I look
I give in
Softly I open my hand and offer up
what he so desires
He walks to me, lowers his head,
and softly nickers
The treat is his for the taking....

It's virtually quiet ~ the sounds of birds chirping; soft sighs and the sounds of chewing.  Every so often G stops eating his hay and comes over to where I'm sitting to investigate why I'm sitting on my groom tote in his stall , journal in my lap, pen in hand.

It's been quite some time since I've just come to the barn to sit in his stall and hang out.  I love this stall as I can sit next to the back door opening to his private run out and not feel closed in.  I know he must love the freedom this represents.  So tonight there is no tacking up; no riding; no lunging.  Just a leisurely brushing, taking extra care and time to brush his face ~ his most favorite thing over food.  It's just me sitting here quietly, taking in the wonderful sounds and smells that only a horse person can understand loving.  It is soothing, this earthy aroma; these soft sounds of chewing, sighs and small snorts.  It washes away the stresses of the day; takes away the sorrow I feel for those I cannot help nor save; it is what keeps me sane.

Outside it's raining.  Finally.  A good soaking rain that the parched landscape so desperately needs in order to survive.  Mother Nature has not been so kind to her living things this summer.  The ground is so hard, I'm sure the first couple inches will simply run off.  

As I sit here against the wall at the stall door the light is growing dimmer, as the sounds within the barn and outside get even quieter still.  No human voices except that of my own voice inside my head as I write down my thoughts and feelings of this wonderful time with my horse.

I can hear G swallow as he takes in a nice long drink in between his courses of hay.  I find myself counting.  One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, then dribble dribble dribble on the stall mats.  Ever since his colic in '08, when he drinks I count the swallows.  It's a good sound - its a a healthy sound.  I notice that the fog is rolling into the valley which I can see over the roofs of the farm house - the air is finally getting cooler, offering up a slight breeze through the door.  I probably should leave soon so I don't have to drive over the mountain in fog & heavy rain, but the peacefulness that I'm soaking in is too precious to give up so soon.

There will be more moments like these when we move to Tennessee and G is in our own barn, and I'll be able to tip toe out in my pj's to see him when the mood strikes me.  But right now I'm feeling greedy and I don't want to give up these moments of bliss.   G just stopped and gave me a nuzzle on the top of my baseball cap on his way out the door ~ a small gesture, but one that fills my heart.

I hear voices approaching the barn - it must be time for the night check.  Looks like my nirvana is over for the night. 

Until the next time; I will close my eyes when I'm stressed at work and picture these moments.  Thanks for sharing your home with me G.