Friday, January 16, 2009

What Happens to a Clean Horse?

Well its too cold here to ride, heck its too cold here to even go hang in the barn, so I'm occupying myself with my scraps and organizing the computer. I came across these pics and they made me laugh so I thought I'd share. I worked very very hard to get G this clean...

and then this happened.....

Whaaat? Gimme a hug mom....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Stuff....

Wow, it still baffles me every time I type 2009 that time just continues to fly by. That means that hubby and I will be married 10 years coming up this September ~ hard to believe as the wedding felt like yesterday. Hey, is it unfashionable to have wedding pictures still on display 10 years later? lol, I guess it doesn’t matter as I smile every time I look at them, and hubby was just looking at the wedding album a week or so ago and reminiscing.

Speaking of time flying, Ozzie turned 7 months old this week! He’s now scheduled to be castrated on the 22nd (poor boy). I’m hoping it will slow him down just a tad. He’s getting so big (40#) and tall and he doesn’t have to do much to roll all 5 pounds of Buster over or knock Holly over as he bounds on by. Phew, he tires me out. I can’t wait for the time I can let them all have the run of the house cause I’m sure he pesters the dickens out of the other two.

Since graduating the beginner obedience in December, Ozzy and I are joining the Hartford Obedience Training Club, and begin the sub-novice class this week. Once you become a member its pretty cool cause you don’t have to go every week, just pay as you go. I’m going to try and get there as often as we can though as I would love to eventually do agility with Ozzy, as he’s so active and boy does he love to jump! I guess that’s why Poodles make such great circus dogs, lol. But he’s wicked smart and I’m going to need to do all I can to keep his brain and body occupied. He really looks forward to his morning walks regardless of weather. He now has a Pessoa dog blanket to keep him dry on these cold wintery days.

I ended up buying the Dr. Cook’s bitless bridle from “ride2glory” as he’s doing so well in it. I will probably not reintroduce his bit for another few weeks and when I do I’m going to use Mark Russell’s methods through his book “Lessons in Lightness”. I am curious to see if he will be more responsive now that he’s been out of a bit for a month. It certainly worked wonders for his responsiveness by taking away my leg for a month! I will continue to work on “soft” hands with the bitless rig and play with more obstacles.

We’ve been working with ground poles and weaving around barrels and cones the past few rides and it does help us both to have something to focus on within the arena. LF bought some nice cavelletis that we’ve been given permission to use. So in the next few weeks I’ll be starting G over the lowest height (there are 3 heights).

I’ve begun my weight loss in earnest again, as well as watching my cholesterol intake. I’ve really fallen off the band wagon since early November so its going to be a tough road, but one I need to go down for sure.

Managed to get a lot of scrapping done while on vacation as well as discovered a new scrapbook store. Watch out! What a fun place as they love to show you techniques when you inquire about them. I’m signing up for Valentines Day card class being held later this month; using Basic Grey papers (my favorite).

Anyway, that’s about it for an update. Happy New Year!