Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back to the Bit

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated our blog. I’ve been busy doing a lot of scrapping, card making and working on the interior of our house. Anyway....

A couple of weeks ago I set up a lesson with Deb, but rather than me riding I asked her to ride G. I thought it would give her a better understanding of the lack of communication we’ve been having with the current bit. I have to say it was interesting to watch her ride him. At first you could tell he was a little uneasy – not only was there someone different on his back but there I was standing in the corner. Whatz up with dat? He quickly learned that when Deb asked for something he was to comply. But it sure was fun to watch him test her the same way he tests me. Definitely a challenging personality ~ luckily not a “mean” one.

She agreed that we needed to address the bit and see if we could find something he was a little happier in. So into her car’s tack trunk she went and came out with our first one to try. So I’ve been riding G the past few weeks in another Herm Sprenger KK snaffle. It’s basically the same as what we were using it’s just 18mm rather than 12mm. At first I wasn’t sure G would accept a bit this fat, but after mouthing it for a couple of minutes he settled right in with it.

To me he seems more comfortable with the larger diameter mouthpiece and seems more content in staying on contact. Deb dropped off two more bits this past weekend. Both single jointed snaffles, one 14mm and the other looked like a 21mm. The later being too fat for Mr. G’s mouth. I tried the 14mm snaffle which was a stainless Kosteel bit and was surprised that he went okay with it. However, he wasn’t as content as he’s been in the HS bit. Argh...of course he likes the crème de la crème of bits. His nibs has taste like his mom.....champagne budget, lol.

We’ve got a lesson on the 29th so I’ll have Deb check us from the ground and possibly get her to ride him before the lesson is over. The weekend calls for sunny weather with highs in the 80’s! Egad we went from early spring to middle of the summer overnight! Hopefully we can get G to shed a little more before Saturday so we can get in a nice long trail ride.